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"We Need Our Sensitive Strength Now More Than Ever" — Highly Sensitive Refuge

"My HSP Struggle With Depression — and the Road to Healing" — Highly Sensitive Refuge

"Did We Forget About Empathy? It's the Remedy for our Sick World" — Elephant Journal

"We Owe it to the Artists: How Art & Music Lift Us from Darkness" — Elephant Journal

"Covid-19 Has Taught Us a New Way of Living" — Elephant Journal (The title was changed by EJ editors, but I stick to the original one.)


“Your writing touches.” Linh, Vietnam

“Beautiful words. They reach the soul." Mónica, Spain

“This moved me to tears! So beautifully written.” Felicia, Sweden

“You are a special writer and this reads like a prayer.” Melissa, US

“This is so beautifully written. It made me cry... in a good, heart touching, gave me hope kind of way.” Nova, US

"Thank you so much for this article. I've really enjoyed every single word." Riz, Italy

"Thank you for all that you post and the guidance I receive from it." Mikaela, US

"Thank you so, so much for this. I was so encouraged by this." Chelsea, US

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