A New Project Is Born

So much has happened since I last wrote here. There wasn't room for words, only actions. I left the slow pace of winter behind and harnessed the vibrant rhythm of spring. I saw friends and family. I attended a virtual four-day event hosted by Tony Robbins that shifted my mindset powerfully. I challenged fears and limiting thoughts. I appreciated the sun and the rain working in tandem to make everything green. I got a car, which is the first step to finding a new home before our time here is over.

And now this. The birth of a new project that is actually old in my head. An idea I had more than five years ago but when I shared it with someone else their doubts became my own. I wasn't ready then but the seed was planted in my mind and it quietly grew until I had the courage to bring it forth. Never despair if doubts make you hesitate. Perhaps you just need to let the thought ripen. Perhaps you merely have to work on the soil first, the soil of your mind, and make it fruitful and rich so that life can be sustained. That takes time. It's supposed to take time.

It is time now. 

I've been posting what I call "soul whispers" on Instagram —short poems and uplifting words— but I knew I wanted to do more than share a few words on social media. These soul whispers have now evolved into recordings. A blend of spoken word and meditation meant to heal and inspire; a creation that shows how I see the world and how I see us all when we remove the layers of social conditioning and wounded egos: As pure beings that simply want to live and experience the world, just like any other creature on this planet.

Three years ago, I thought I wanted to be a life coach. I got training, finished it and started offering free consultations as a way to practice. I hated it. Not because the sessions went wrong but because that type of work wasn't for me. (My heart knew this the whole time but I have a stubborn mind). However, there was something I did in one of the sessions that did feel great: I guided a woman through a meditation. I felt myself lighting up as I spoke. It felt right. I could see it in her face too. Something had transformed within her and seeing the effect my words had on her was the biggest reward. I want to create more of that.

It's taken me years of doubting myself and following paths that didn't feel right to me (there are many ways to get where we're going but some roads feel better than others). This is my new direction. These soul whispers are designed to take us home to ourselves while reminding us home is the same place for all of us: Humans, other species, nature itself... This is my attempt to bring some good into the world, to build a bridge among species, to remind us we are one with this universe and each other. It's more important than ever to remember this in the face of a climate crisis (not to mention the myriad of other crises we're witnessing). 

If you want to be part of this experience, I'll welcome you with open arms on the free meditation app Insight Timer

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