Who am I?

What a difficult question. Who am I? Am I defined by my name? By where I was born and the family I was born into? Am I the words I write? The jobs and experiences I've had? The lessons I've learned?

Here's what I believe: All those things tell my story, but my essence is the same as yours, the same as any other living thing. My mission is to bridge the gap between the story and the essence. I craft nature-inspired content to help you connect with yourself, the world, and other species.

But I'll give you the story: I'm Vicky Wolf, a writer and meditation guide. I was born in Spain into a family that was no stranger to tragedy. Writing soon became my way to cope and transmute trauma, and when asked what I wanted to be when I was older, I was certain: A ninja and a writer.

Besides my homemade warrior costumes and a 6-month Kenpo practice, my ninja dreams slowly faded away. Writing, however, stayed. My passion for words led me to study an English degree, but a different passion rose within me: An insatiable hunger for knowledge about psychology and healing. My past had left deep wounds in me that manifested as cycles of anxiety and depression, and inner work became an obsession. I read countless books, did therapy, attended dozens of workshops, invested in several coaching programs, and even got a coaching certificate.

As I learned and healed, I felt a calling to help others who were also struggling. Being a writer at heart, I didn't want to become a coach in the traditional sense. Instead, I started creating content. I collaborated with Elephant Journal and Highly Sensitive Refuge, then became a blogger and meditation guide. I wanted to pour all my knowledge, love, and care into this vision, and remind people that the most important thing we'll ever do in our life is to go within.

We Within was born from the seed of quiet reflection. When we go inwards, we come face to face with our true self and find the answers that had been eluding us. We remember we are more than the thoughts in our head, the names they call us, the body that contains us. We learn to see the essence that lies hidden under the surface. Going within is the only way for us to grow, both individually and collectively. 

This content might be for you if you:
  • Are a sensitive soul who finds it difficult to feel at home in the world and within yourself.
  • Value a holistic approach to personal growth that integrates elements of nature, storytelling, creativity, and mindfulness.
  • Wish to develop a deeper connection with yourself, other humans, the natural world, and other species.
  • Seek practical techniques for cultivating mindfulness and emotional resilience in order to achieve greater presence, joy, and purpose in your life.
  • Feel drawn to exploring themes of self-acceptance, vulnerability, and authenticity.
  • Are interested in fostering a slow living mindset. 

Welcome, kindred spirit. Know you are not alone.

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