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10 Simple Actions You Can Take to Help the Environment

Today is Earth Day and I want to write a different kind of post. Throughout my life, I've encountered many people who think environmental issues are not an important topic, or at least not as important as the immediacy of other problems like unemployment, economic crisis or even whether a specific area should belong to a country or be its own independent country. These are all important issues, for sure, but what happens when we keep postponing tackling environmental problems is that... time runs out. And on top of these socio-economic problems, we have an even bigger one: Life on Earth becomes threatened. I also see many people who feel completely helpless and believe there's nothing we can do to avoid the impending disaster. They think it's futile to even try. It's terrifying to observe this line of thinking in younger generations. I feel for them, because they have been thrown in the middle of one of the most uncertain times. They feel betrayed by our actions and t

A New Project Is Born

So much has happened since I last wrote here. There wasn't room for words, only actions. I left the slow pace of winter behind and harnessed the vibrant rhythm of spring. I saw friends and family. I attended a virtual four-day event hosted by Tony Robbins that shifted my mindset powerfully. I challenged fears and limiting thoughts. I appreciated the sun and the rain working in tandem to make everything green. I got a car, which is the first step to finding a new home before our time here is over. And now this. The birth of a new project that is actually old in my head. An idea I had more than five years ago but when I shared it with someone else their doubts became my own. I wasn't ready then but the seed was planted in my mind and it quietly grew until I had the courage to bring it forth. Never despair if doubts make you hesitate. Perhaps you just need to let the thought ripen. Perhaps you merely have to work on the soil first, the soil of your mind, and make it fruitful and