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What My 30s Have Taught Me: The Magic of Presence

It seems like yesterday that I turned 30. I celebrated that birthday alone but I wasn't lonely. I took myself out for lunch after work and ordered a piece of cake. "It's my birthday", I said smiling at the woman who owned the small vegan cafe. She sang happy birthday as she brought that unforgettable mango cake. "I've cut you a big piece". She was smiling too. I think back on that moment now that I'm slightly closer to the threshold of 40 than the threshold of 30. I remember how happy I was to start this decade. I've met many people in their late 20s who were horrified at the idea of turning 30 but I embraced that age feeling the shift that it sparked within me. My 20s were learning years, healing years. My 20s were full of mistakes and lessons. And even though I still make mistakes and hold similar fears, my third decade feels like a gift. In the last months, I've had a lot of time and mental space to ask myself why that is. As autumn progr