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Adjusting To A New Life

And so I start again. I left a job, a city, a life behind and exchanged it all for a new place where nothing is familiar yet it feels closer to home. The green trees, the grass, the birds, the sand, the sea waves welcomed me. This place has been coming to me in my dreams and visions and now I’m here, it’s real, it’s pure and beautiful, it’s where I’m supposed to be for now. Moving is scary and unsettling. There is nothing to hold onto. You pack your stuff and take it with you and even your items seem to feel out of place until they forget where they were before and finally settle in, as if they’d always been here, as if this had always been their home. There are comforts from the city I miss. I miss the big libraries full of thousands of books. I miss the shops where you can buy in bulk. I miss the familiar faces. I miss the art and the activism. But that’s all. My place was no longer there. My heart wasn’t there anymore. My heart doesn’t seem to be in this blog either. I have been wor