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Five Creative Ways To Navigate Difficult Emotions

We feel emotions every day, sometimes more intensely than others, but at times we over-identify with them to the point they end up controlling us. If the emotions are pleasant, it feels like a wonderful rush. But if they are unpleasant, we do everything we can to avoid feeling them. The problem with this approach is that the more we distract ourselves from the unpleasant emotion, the stronger it gets. When we push it down to hide it, it’s like we’re shoving a million things in a bag until, eventually, the bag breaks. The emotion always comes back in one way or another until we’re forced to work through it. So, what can we do to avoid this impending disaster? Manage our emotions regularly. We need to remember we are not our emotions. Our emotions live in us and not the other way around. The following tools are excellent not just to acknowledge this rationally but also to experience it.   1. Turn the emotion into something tangible. Think of the emotion you want to work with and really

A Day in the Life of a Sensitive Introvert Working at a Tourist Attraction

I have been working in tourism for four years. It wasn't by choice but by chance; one of those places life leads you to. I found it fun at first and I absolutely adore my coworkers but three years in I started feeling completely burned out. One year later, my body has forced me to take anxiety leave.  Last year I wrote a piece about my (pre-pandemic) days at work. At a time when so many people are questioning their life choices and trying to be truer to themselves, I want to add my voice through this piece in the hope to reach someone who needs to hear this: What if there's nothing wrong with you? What if your life is simply not in alignment with who you are? I don't have all the answers. I believe each of us is in charge of figuring out our own answers in life. But I hope the following piece will stir something in you and inspire you to find yours. A day in the life of a sensitive introvert working at a tourist attraction: I start my day journaling about how I want my day