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The Power Of Giving In Pandemic Times

During the covid lockdown this year, I had the chance to witness how generous and resourceful humans can be when we tap into the energies of creativity and contribution. During those months, the world outside my windows slowed down and went quiet, and in that silence beautiful demonstrations of these energies manifested. It happened one morning. The sound of a piano and a female voice floated towards our balcony, filling the apartment, and every day until we were allowed to leave our homes, we were greeted by that sound. I’ll never forget that woman who decided to pick up her microphone and perform for us from her window to make lockdown more bearable. (I talked about that story here ). What’s amazing about these demonstrations is their contagious energy. Our creative contributions have a ripple effect, filling others with an overpowering desire to give to the world as well. Listening to this woman sing, I too felt the need to offer a piece of myself. The idea just popped up in my head

Tools to Heal - Part Five: Writing For Health

At the beginning of this year, I felt lost and confused. I hated my job and was exhausted all the time, I was bitter and resentful, and I felt like I was running in circles. But then I turned to one of the biggest things that have always helped me cope: writing. It was Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way that reminded me of the immense power of writing. In her book, she encourages us to write three pages, stream-of-consciousness style, as soon as we get up to unload all the thoughts in our mind and get clarity. It turned out I had a lot to unload. (Stream of consciousness is a writing technique in which you let your thoughts flow from your mind to the page without filtering or editing anything, expressing everything as it comes to mind). Within weeks, morning pages brought to the surface all the things I needed to accept, change or deal with in any way. They pointed me in the right direction as I saw the life I was living was not the life my soul was calling for. Page after page I let al

Tools to Heal - Part Four: 3 Healing Quotes About Art

“I experience the greatest degree of pleasure in having contact with works of art. They furnish me with happy feelings of an intensity that I cannot derive from other sources.” Albert Einstein You’ve felt those intense happy feelings too. You’ve felt them as you navigated the corridors of a museum or a gallery, immersing yourself in the atmosphere created by the art that welcomed you with open arms. Often beautiful, at times frightening, art is always there to remind us of the truth, leaving bare the soul of the artist. Leaving bare all of our souls. There is something incredibly powerful in the act of witnessing art. It connects us with something deeper, something greater. When we stand in front of an art piece, we are transported somewhere else and, at the same time, we are more present than ever.  I believe art is a form of spiritual connection . Every time we allow ourselves to immerse ourselves in it, it rewards us with the gift of connection. We connect to ourselves, and also to