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Tools to Heal - Part Three: Lessons from Animals

I’ve been an animal rescuer all my life. Whether it was an abandoned dog, a bird who couldn’t fly, a drowning bee or a snail in a precarious position, my hands rushed to their aid, following a strong impulse. It is in my nature. But what many don’t understand is that this is mutually beneficial, for animals can also help us heal. Those of you who share your life with an animal companion know the feeling: We come home after a hard day and there they are, ready to greet us. They lie down next to us (sometimes on us) when we’re sick or depressed. Or they simply stare at us with that expression that screams unconditional love.  But loving moments aren’t the only thing our companions offer us. They are also excellent teachers. Humans tend to pride themselves on being the most intelligent species (easy to say when you’re basing intelligence on a human scale without bothering to understand other species), but there is so much we can learn from both our companions and other animals. Here are f

Tools to Heal - Part Two: The Power of Music

  In Part One of this Tools to Heal post series I mentioned how growing up I instinctively looked for things that would help me cope with trauma, fear and other mental and emotional challenges. I believe in this case music came to me. It came in the form of a small keyboard and a recorder, and in the albums my brother lent me.  Soon I discovered two things about music: The first one is that few things in life give me more pleasure. And the second one, that it’s an incredibly powerful tool to reduce stress and negative thoughts, process emotions and, ultimately, recover a sense of joyful hope. If you’re reading this, chances are you also enjoy music and the magic it brings with it. Perhaps you’re the kind of person who needs to play sad songs when you feel sad. Perhaps you play an instrument and feel pulled towards it when you’re having a difficult time. Perhaps you’ve noticed how a particular song lifts your mood instantly. Perhaps something awakens within you as you listen to the so