If You've Experienced Loss, Sing

I was petting my dog and singing to him to help him relax, something I’ve always loved doing to all my dogs (and baby humans at times).

But then I felt my voice connect with something deep within me that needed to come out. A sense of loss, past and future. Suddenly, time was no longer linear and I sang about those who are no longer here and those who will be gone. It was a circular song about life and death and renewal. It was a song about eternity.

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Grief is heavy. It is probably the heaviest emotion I know. But singing, or music in general, helps move some of that energy. My father is gone and my dog will be gone too, and so will I at some point. But our story doesn’t end here. It continues to live forever in those who remain and in whatever form or shape we transform when our bodies are no longer useful to us.

I sing. We sing. The universe sings.

Our songs are eternal.

[If you feel inclined to give singing (or any other creative endeavour) a try, I recommend the website HITRECORD, founded by actor and artist Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It's an online community for creative collaboration where you can work with other artists around the world. I'm not currently active there but I joined it years ago and managed to overcome my shyness and share my singing publicly. Not the greatest sound quality, but if you want to witness that unique moment in history, click here.

And remember: Nothing you do has to be perfect. Art is about expression, that is all].

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